New Lima September Board Meeting Agenda

New Lima's board meeting will be held September 28, 2020 at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent's office. The agenda is attached.

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JOM Meeting Agenda

There will be a short JOM meeting Monday, Sept. 28th @5:30 PM in the High School Auditorium. The agenda is attached.

New Lima Elementary Fundraiser!

The Elementary is selling suckers in a variety of flavors for $1 as a fundraiser. Send you student with $$ to support our school!
New Lima Elementary Fundraiser! Featured Photo


To encourage the student, within the limits of his/her capabilities to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to function effectively as a worthy citizen in a democratic society. To teach each child to develop a knowledge and appreciation for American culture, American citizenship and the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen. To recognize the individual differences of each student and to provide the educational opportunities necessary to meet those needs. To teach character by preparing a student to accept responsibility in all endeavors, to respect the rights of others and to have high moral and spiritual values. To understand the needs of all students and provide the opportunities in the vocational, as well as the academic fields, by establishing a program to meet those needs of vocationally inclined, as well as those of the academically talented. To develop a healthy and controlled body able to meet and to withstand the rigors of daily living. To develop wholesome personal and social attitudes which are fundamental to sound human relations in the home, the school and the community.